Heute wurde nach der Alpha1 vor ein paar Wochen, endlich die Beta1 veröffentlich.


* CORE-1467 Fix sshd reload call on eos-5.0
* EOS-916 Update script used to create .pot files on eos-5.0
* CORE-1382 Update translations on eos-5.0
* EOS-922 Introduce initrd in x86 kernels on eos-5.0
* CORE-1379 3.2 cannot be installed on vmware 5.5 on eos-5.0
* EOS-944 Grub: missing conffile in /etc/default/grub on eos-5.0
* CORE-1448 Add default pythonrc on eos-5.0
* CORE-1422 connection.cgi use 100% of CPUs on eos-5.0
* CORE-1456 Allow wildcards hostname in Dnsmasq configuration on eos-5.0
* EOS-964 vim: remove backup file creation at all on eos-5.0
* UTM-1451 Error joining Proxy not Active Directory on eos-5.0
* CORE-1367 Replace deprecated Perl calls on eos-5.0
* UTM-1435 Disable ipv6 on postfix on eos-5.0
* UTM-1397 SSLv3 POODLE for SMTP Proxy on eos-5.0
* UTM-1422 Squid going IPv6 on IPv6 sites resulting in (101) Network is unreachable on eos-5.0
* UTM-1389 DHCP failed to run on eos-5.0
* CORE-1429 Add SSL/TLS and STARTTLS support to email notifications on eos-5.0
* UTM-1460 Can’t download content filter signatures on Alpha 3.2.0  on eos-5.0
* CORE-1427 endian.logger raises an exception mixing message parameters and exc_info on eos-5.0
* COMMUNITY-167 Icon is missing, applying configuration on eos-5.0
* UTM-1445 Snort rules based on „preprocessor ssl“ prevent snort to start on eos-5.0
* UTM-1440 Unable to disable Snort rules due to a TypeError on eos-5.0
* CORE-1438 Signature updates may leave files in inconsistent state on eos-5.0
* EOS-927 usb_modeswitch doesn’t create ttyUSB if usb modem is plugged before boot start on eos-5.0
* EOS-1005 Rebuilddb not working on IFA products because of missing db-bin package on eos-5.0
* CORE-1413 Rpm database rebuild procedure slow on eos-5.0
* UTM-1483 Allow at (@) character in certificates common name on eos-5.0
* COMMUNITY-196 Save username on efw-upgrade call on eos-5.0
* COMMUNITY-163 Automatically add the rpm channel in efw-upgrade using the major version on eos-5.0
* CORE-1410 Raid failing event not detected  on eos-5.0
* EOS-881 glibc – getaddrinfo stack-based buffer overflow CVE-2015-7547 on master
* EOS-632 Implement multilib on master

Es wurden einige Fehler behoben.
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